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Meeting Date: 11/10/2020 - 5:00 PM
Category: Board of Education Reports
Type: Info
Subject: Board Committee and Liaison Reports
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Enclosure: Attachment #1: 9.24.20 DCGEAC_Agenda and Minutes
Attachment #2: 10.22.2020 Foundation Agenda
Attachment #3: 11.04.2020 LRPC Agenda
Attachment #4: 10.07.2020 LRPC Minutes Draft
Attachment #5: 11.05.2020 FOC Agenda
Attachment #6: 10.08.2020 FOC Minutes Draft
Attachment #7: 11.17.2020 DAC Agenda
Attachment #8: 10.13.2020 DAC Minutes Draft
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9.24.20 DCGEAC_Agenda and Minutes .pdf
10.22.2020 Foundation Agenda.pdf
11.04.2020 LRPC Agenda.pdf
10.07.2020 LRPC MINUTES_DRAFT.pdf
11.05.2020 FOC Agenda.pdf
10.08.2020 FOC Minutes.pdf
11.17.2020 DAC Agenda.pdf
10.13.2020 DAC MINUTES_DRAFT.pdf
Summary : Board Committees: Board/Superintendent Linkage 1.0; Executive Limitation 1.8:
District Accountability Committee (Ciancio-Schor, Meek)
Fiscal Oversight Committee (Graziano, Leung)
Long Range Planning Committee (Holtzmann, Meek)
Mill/Bond Oversight Adhoc Committee (Graziano, Ciancio-Schor)
Student Advisory Group (Leung, Ray)

District/Parent Committees:
The Foundation for Douglas County Schools (Hanson)
Douglas County Safety Committee (Ray, Hanson)
Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (Ray)
Douglas County Gifted Education Advisory Committee (Holtzmann)
Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (Holtzmann)
Parent and Family Engagement (Leung)
Equity Committee (Ray)

External Groups and Committees:
Colorado Association of School Boards Delegate (Holtzmann)
Douglas County Youth Initiative (Graziano, Meek)
Government Relations (Leung)
Partnership of Douglas County Governments (Holtzmann, Ray)
Talent Pipeline Douglas County and Castle Rock Collaborative Campus (Graziano, Ray)
Recommendation: Information only.
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Sandy Maresh - Assistant Secretary Board of Education
Signed By:
Corey Wise - Interim Superintendent